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Evelyn Choy


Founder of Viness (M) Sdn bhd


A thriving lady equipped with more than 5 years of experience in social media marketing strategy. Evelyn Choy is the founder of Vnice9, a platform specially crafted for female entrepreneurs who are striving to achieve higher and more in life.


Evelyn succeeded in helping a Chinese billion-dollar company to launch the female personal care market in Malaysia. She was also interviewed by the British Publishing House for the 3rd edition 2021 of Successful People in Malaysia.

“Who dares to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly. ”


Her perseverance in life is the best testimony to encourage and inspire Vnice9 partners. She believes that one who dares to fail can reach even greater heights in life. Her relentless tenacity drives her to grasp every possible opportunity to make a positive impact on others. Her mission is to help female entrepreneurs to live their dream life with a sustainable income, even in the comfort of their homes.